RideAbility - Dressage and Flatwork for Showjumpers

Sally Amsterdamer is a dressage instructor who has more than 20 years experience in training both dressage and show jumping riders and horses. 
Sally specialises in Flatwork for Show Jumpers.  According to the classical principles of dressage training, plus some extra beneficial exercises for show jumpers, Sally follows a consistent way of training, laying a solid foundation of basics, and always returning to those basics whenever difficulties arise along the way. 
                          Sally and the Andalusian stallion, Malvaloco

By following the principles of the Training Scale, Sally's objective is to develop the horse to the fullest, improving his physical and mental capabilities, making him into a willing, supple, confident and obedient riding horse that is a pleasure to ride.  Sally is also an expert in helping riders with their seat and riding effectiveness, which in its own right then improves the horse's way of going. 
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