RideAbility - Dressage and Flatwork for Showjumpers

Any horse, no matter which equestrian discipline he will perform in, should be trained according to the classical principles of the Training Scale These are principles which are vital to develop the horse in the correct way. Therefore the basic work with a show jumper is no different.  Plus, I always tell my show-jumping riders that to be able to ride leg yielding and shoulder-in (especially shoulder-fore in canter) improves the engagement of the hind legs of the horse, makes the "engine" stronger, and gives the rider more feel and control of all "four corners" of the horse.  Why to ride sideways?  Because it improves the ability of the rider to ride the horse straight!

See example of feedback  from Swedish show jumping rider:

"It was so nice to train with you again!
Scoop (the black gelding), has felt so good since you were here.
I´ve been trained by a lot of good trainers but they have never figured him out, usually they just push him too hard.  I'm trying to continue the work you started... To me, you represent the real art of riding, to keep it simple and without using any force." - Maria Norlin
The training scale, together with the methods described in the "Physiotherapy Riding" page, and some additional exercises explained here will benefit the show jumper's overall performance.
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                                               Sally on Skybreaker
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