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May 2014 Report of warm up arena:
Plus my comment,,,
Being in the "business, rider, groom, trainer, whatever, we know the utter shit that goes on, especially in the warm up arena, even in International, often worse there. It has happened and is happening still in dressage and also is in show-jumping. One of the main reasons I don't tend to hang around warm arenas is because I don't like to see horses who are obviously distressed, whether due to rollkur or other issues. The nose bleed is unfortunate but blood is blood and should be disqualified. (Btw a rider can not see the nose or mouth and really cannot be "murdered" for continuing riding,,, plus I am sure the word "artery" was a mistake and was meant to be "blood vessel".) Just like in top dressage not so long ago a horse showed blood in its mouth in the dressage test and the top C judge rang the bell and disqualified. No reason asked for. (Later it was found out that the horse had innocently bitten its tongue,,,,). And btw I have trained horses which like to hang the tongue out, perfectly innocent, like the brown horse. I even joke to my rider that her horse will come back in the next life as a dog. But the pic of the grey horse with the tongue out you can clearly see distress in the eye. Rules are rules, any rules regarding moving poles (which I am not sure exactly what those are) should be adhered to, or where do you draw the line? Can move the pole to this position but not to that, move it one centimetre not two,,,, IF the rule is not to move a pole out of the cup or make a back rail lower than the front then this should not be allowed. I don't care if the spikes are made of hair or rubber, a rider should be able to turn with the correct way of training. If there is such a problem in turns, then there is obviously a lack of suppleness issue and needs to be rectified over time with the correct training. I have nothing, against using draw reins. A normal snaffle bit with one pair of reins in the wrong hands can be lethal and a misery to the horse. It is how you use the draw reins that is important and which bit you use them with. I would never use them with a curb bit especially a straight bar, due to the increased pressure on the bars of the mouth. I would never use them to create a rollkur outline. In the pics with the gag bit and draw reins you can see the distress in the horses eye and mouth open,,,, And really how much do you need to put on the horse for Gods sake? I never want to see a horse jump with draw reins, hearing true stories of horses flipping over and breaking their necks,,,,,if yes then thru the martingale or put a neck strap. Horses don't make noise, dogs whine, yelp,,,, horses stay silent,,,, If they did make such noises the warm up arena would be an even more awful place to be (I honestly can't even imagine the noises that would be heard,,,,, very sad to even think about it) Most horses (and I think unfortunately sometimes) are extremely submissive, just want to please, suffer the pain and carry on,,,,, Sometimes I wish the horse would buck the bastard off big time,,,,, Thank God for the last 3 pics of good riding, the freedom in the outline over the jump, the rider's heel not sticking up with the spur,,,, The nice relaxed expression in the horse's eye. And,,,,,, then,,,,,, yes the absolutely disgusting rollkur in the background. Which totally proves my point that an idiot can do that to a horse with just an ordinary snaffle bit and one pair of reins,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

January 2013 - Sally just finished another clinic at Stadnina Koni Ciekocinko, Poland (see pics of the wonderful facilities by clicking on the titles below)

May 2012, Sally just completed a 2-day training clinic in the beautiful facilities of Stadnina Koni Ciekocinko, with owner, Sandra Piwowarczyk-Baluk and young horse rider, Michal Marcinkowski. 



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